Saturday, January 31, 2009

Salute to Turkey's PM...

Gaza reaction in Davos


Prime Minister Erdoğan's displayed a harsh reaction toward the Israeli President Peres during the Davos summit. "You have a raised voice due to your guilty mentality. You know how to kill very well." When the moderator attempted to close the discussion due to the time constraints, Erdoğan responded, "You are not letting me speak." He then walked away from the panel after stating; "For me, Davos is now over."

Tension reached a high level during a panel held yesterday to discuss Gaza and achieving peace in the Middle East, which brought together Prime Minister Erdoğan and Israeli President Shimon Peres. When Erdoğan was refrained from an attempt to respond to Peres, tension rose when the Prime Minister began criticizing Peres with a series of harsh statements. As Erdoğan was being stopped from talking by the moderator he responded; "You are not letting me speak. I will not come back to Davos." In the panel, also attended by UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon and the Arab Unity General Secretary Amr Musa, Prime Minister Erdoğan, wanting to respond to the last speaker Peres' harsh statements, requested a minute to speak from the panel moderator, Washington Post journalist David Ignatius. When the Panel administrator tried to stop him from speaking, Erdoğan who insisted on one more minute turned towards Peres and stated the following:

"You are raising your voice. I know you are older than me therefore I know that your voice is raised because you have a guilty mentality. My voice will not come out as raised. Know this as it is. When it comes to killing you, know how to kill very well. I know very well how you killed children on the beach, how you hit them. You have a Prime Minister who says "I feel an esteemed happiness," as he enters Palestine in tanks. You have a prime minister that says he is 'happy to go into Palestine.' And you list reasons. I can give their names, maybe there some people who are curious." In response to those who applauded Şimon Peres' speech, Erdoğan stated; "I feel a separate reproach for those who are applauding this persecution. I do believe it is a crime against humanity for people to applaud those who are murdering children." Erdoğan then stated, "I am only going to say two things" as he was interrupted by the panel moderator. Erdoğan, responding by saying; "do not cut me off," went on to say; "the sixth item in the Torah dictates that "one should not kill." There is killing here." Then, Erdoğan, who turned towards the moderator, stated; "I want to thank you very much, for me Davos is now over. I will never come to Davos again. You are not letting me speak. He spoke for 25 minutes, and I spoke for 12. This is not right," as he got up and walked away form the panel.

Siapa sangka pemimpin republik sekular Turki ini akan melakukan perkara sebegini di Davos..
Tindakan spontannya bukan shja d hdapan setiausaha agung PBB malah d hdapan pmimpin krajaan israel laknatullah..
Beliau telah mngambil risiko y tinggi d mna pemimpin beragama Islam laen tidak akan brani lakukan..(kalau ada pun stakat ni pemimpin Iran ketika ini shja y brani mengutuk laknatullah secara terbuka..)
Di mna pemimpin Islam y laen?
semuanya hipokrit..mementingkan kepentingan sendiri drp Agama..

Bagi saya Recep Tayyip Erdogan sewajarnya diber penghargaan dan penghormatan oleh Muslimin semua..
Bukan shja kerana keberanian beliau di Davos malah keberanian nye melawan arus sekularisme di Turki..
Kita tahu bahawa sekularisme y d bawa oleh penjajah fikiran Antarturk telah mancabul maruah Islam di Turki.. Muslimah tidak boleh memakai tudung malah d pksa memakai skirt..
Msjid d tukar menjd muzium dan byk lg..
Siapa y tlh mengembalikan sedikit sebanyak sinar Islam d Turki klau bukan Recep Tayyip Erdogan...

It is not possible to be a secular and a Muslim at the same time. They are continuously saying, "Secularism is in danger." It will be, if this nation demands it. You can not prevent it. The Islamic nation is waiting for the rise of the Muslim Turkish nation. We will. This rebellion will start.

—Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Opening ceremony of the RP İstanbul Ümraniye District Organization.

Beranikah pemerintah kita espeacially PM kita nak bg ucapan cam tu?????
Apa pun beranikah kita???
Itulah persoalan y sebenar...

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